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Haddon Rig is a mixed farming property covering 60,000 acres of fertile land near the town of Warren, in the heart of Central West NSW, comprising Haddon Rig, Braemar and Boomanulla. 

Haddon Rig's philosophy is to produce the highest quality agricultural products - Merino rams, Merino wool, cotton, beef cattle, and wheat.

Haddon Rig is privately owned by the Falkiner family: George B S Falkiner, his wife Sally, and their four daughters, Eleanor, Grace, Olivia and Florence, who live on the property with a small close-knit staff. 

Haddon Rig has a well-earned reputation as one of the foremost Merino studs in Australia. Founded in 1882, currently marketing 1000 top quality medium-wool rams for sale each year, Haddon Rig offers their best two year old rams at the annual Dubbo National Merino Show and 

Sale, following by an on-property auction each September and through private selection from the stud at Warren, Sept - December. 

Employing talented and hard-working personnel, utilising best practice management and the latest in modern technology Haddon Rig exemplifies "un-subsidised" modern Australian agriculture in the 21st Century.

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