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Haddon Rig Merino Stud

The Australian Merino industry has evolved and adapted through good times and bad, since Merinos were first introduced to the country with the first fleet in 1788. Established in 1882, Haddon Rig Merino Stud has risen to each challenge and is now one of the most recognised sources of quality Merino genetics in the country. George and Sally Falkiner join together with stud manager, Andy Maclean in welcoming you to the Haddon Rig website. Here, you will learn not only about the stud’s formidable past but also get a glimpse into its future, as it prepares clients for new fortunes, challenges, and opportunities in this great industry of ours. Please feel free to sign up for our regular email newsletters, and we look forward to seeing you soon at a Haddon Rig event.        

'100 Years of Ownership'

The Falkiner family celebrate 100 years of ownership at Haddon Rig in 2016 – a small celebration is planned during the on-property sale – set for Thursday 8th September, 2016.

George and Sally Falkiner

Weemabung House - Ink Drawing by Jude Fleming, 2015 This ink drawing was a present from local Warren artist, Jude Fleming – thanks Jude!
Wemabung House is a rammed earth dwelling on Haddon Rig, last inhabited as late as the 1970’s.

Andy's Antics Update 14-Jul-2013

From scanning, to feeding ewes through lambing, to lamb marking, and a bit of fencing in between. Check out the latest Andy's Antics blog post...

Data for ASBVs 14-Jun-2013

While the rain fell on June 12, we were busy collecting yearling weight, eye muscle and fat depth data from 400 top young rams, to become ASBVs

Weighty matters 04-Jun-2013

VIC Western District Merino breeder and HR client, Josh Pumpa, says fleece weight matters, especially in current wool market... Weekly Times, 29/5/13

John Wheaton, Boorooma Merino Stud, Walgett
"It's always a pleasure to come to the Haddon Rig ram sale and I think in 2012, I saw one of the most well-grown line-ups that I'd seen for a long, long time..."