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Client News

Weighty matters 04-Jun-2013

VIC Western District Merino breeder and HR client, Josh Pumpa, says fleece weight matters, especially in current wool market... Weekly Times, 29/5/13

Walgett wether blitz 27-Mar-2013

HR clients, the O'Keeffe family, won this year's judging of the Walgett Wether Trial, held on March 26. The Pyke family, Come-By-Chance, placed second.

Ewe Comp Success 19-Mar-2013

Gulgong clients' HR ewes praised for structure, wool cut in Tablelands Flock Ewe Competition, after placing 2nd from 16 flocks in the competition.

$209/hd at Louth 17-Aug-2012

Classer, Chris Bowman, appraises Haddon Rig clients, Tim and Jane Murray's Louth-based flock, following top ewe sale results, classing.

McLeish family's winning wool 25-Jul-2012

Haddon Rig clients, Dougal and Susan McLeish, "Thurn", Coonamble, has reported great success in the wool section of this year's Warren and Coonamble shows

Parkes Ewe Comp Win 19-Jul-2012

Long-time Haddon Rig clients, the Green family, “Olieview”, Parkes, competed among a record eight entrant flocks to win this year’s Parkes Merino Ewe Competition.