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2016 Haddon Rig Ram Sale Results


RECOGNITION of the depth of breeding in Haddon Rig Merinos was exemplified by new and valued returning buyers from four states who eagerly bid for their sire battery requirements at the Falkiner family’s 33rd on-property sale at Warren, last Thursday, and purchased 164 stud rams for an average $2653.

A total of 139 from 140 Merino rams cleared at auction to a top of $11,000 and an average of $2626 followed by 25 from 26 Poll Merino rams selling to $6000 and averaging $2804. Last year the overall average was $2316 for 160 rams with 128 Merinos averaging $2364 and 32 Poll Merinos $2125. However the increase in ram values seemed to be overlooked by buyers who strived to secure their quotas in this 100th anniversary year of the Falkiner family’s ownership of this iconic western plains property.

In celebration stud principals George and Sally Falkiner were joined by the daughters and George’s two sisters plus past managers and staff, and relatives of past classers.Reflecting the occasion it was opportune that one of Haddon Rig’s longest running daughter studs, Bonanza, Walgett, purchased the top-priced ram. Bonanza principal, James Morris, said his flock’s success with Haddon Rig blood was not only due to the fact it was “extremely well suited” to his area.“These sheep are very even, there is great depth in their breeding and they are not dressed up or over fed,” Mr Morris said.

The ram he selected and paid top money for was the first lot, a 125 kilogram son of Wanganella 3-816 growing 19.4 micron wool with and standard deviation (SD) of 2.8 micron and coefficient of variation (CV) of 14.4 per cent with100pc comfort factor and a greasy fleece weight percentage (GFW%) of 163pc.

The Morris family joins 5000 Merino ewes of which upwards of 1000 are stud ewes, all growing 19 to 19.5 micron wool and Mr Morris was hopeful this would be the first time in years he would gain an impressive wool cut after rain had changed the Walgett district landscape.

Doug and Alistair Wilson, of Lightning Ridge, paid $6000 for the top-priced Poll Merino, a 20.7 micron son of Wallaloo Park 003 weighing 115kg and showing a GFW percentage of 155pc and wool with an SD of 3 and CV of 14.5pc. The Dinning family of Naracoorte, South Australia, paid third top Merino price of $5000 for a son of a Haddon Rig sire weighing 111kg and growing 19.5 micron wool with an SD of 2.9 and CV of 14.8pc and GFW of 121pc. Among the high prices paid for Poll Merino rams John Rae, Pentdale of “Carwell”, Gulargambone, paid $5500 twice in his purchases of four rams averaging $4550.

The first of his top money pair was sired by Collinsville Premier 102 and growing 18.9 micron wool with the other sired by Poll Boonoke 3-28 with 21.6 micron wool.Buying one Poll Merino and 13 Merino rams, Arthur and Richard Bragg of Rossgole Pastoral Company, “Rossgole”, Aberdeen, paid an average $3371 and a top of $400. The family have been buying here for more than two decades and join 5000 Merino ewes of 19 to 20 micron average at Aberdeen and also run 4000 wethers on “Temi”, Willow Tree.

Arthur Bragg said the flock was Corriedales up to the 1950s when infused by Merino blood. Ewes are now joined for seven weeks at a ram rate of 1.3pc and some 3000 or 60pc of ewes are classed out and joined to White Suffolks. Mr Bragg said fertility was high and averaged 115pc to 120pc and he had marked up to 140pc. Wethers are moved to “Temi” as two-tooths and run on the hills for five years cutting seven to eight kilograms of wool. Returning from Scone, Cuan Pastoral Company purchased 17 rams topping at $5200 and averaging $3371 with draft top being a 106kg son of a Haddon Rig sire growing 21 micron wool with an SD of 2.6 micron and CV of 12.4pc with a GFW of 159pc. Ralph Holdings, “Tumbleton North”, Young, secured four rams for a $3100 average topping at $4400 for a Haddon Rig sired 19.9 micron ram weighing 113kg and 142pc GFW.

Reg and Robyn Sweeney and family’s Pinehurst Partnership, “Pinehurst”, Merrygoen, bought one Merino and five Poll Merino rams for an average of $2667 for their self-replacing Merino flock, although they are noted for the breeding of Bindaree stud prize-winning Border Leicester rams. The Merino ram was top of their draft at $4200, a 106kg son of a Haddon Rig sire growing 19.5 micron wool. Jason Ridley, “Glenoble”, Girral, selected five Merino rams for the family’s Merino operation paying to $3200 and a $2760 average.

The Boyd family’s Boowillia Pty Ltd, “Boowillia”, Gowrie, paid an average $2443 for his seven ram selection topping at $3000. Parkes district long standing client, Richard Green, returned to select nine rams for his family’s “Olieview”, Merino flock with the draft averaging $2400 and topping at $2800. Forbes district commercial breeding brothers Chris and Peter Francis, returned to replenish their sire battery and bought 19 rams paying to $3000 twice and a $2221 average. Nymagee district flock breeders the Harley Balowra Partnership, “Balowra”, went home with 14 rams after paying an average $1757 and top of $2400. The sale was conducted by Elders, Dubbo and Landmark Wilson Russ, Warren and Dubbo, with Andy McGeoch selling for Elders and John Settree for Landmark. 

Story from Mark Griggs @ The Land

Pictured here: Andy Maclean, John Suttree (Landmark), George Falkiner (HR Principal) Top Buyer James Morris "Bonanza" Walgett, Stud Master Forbes Murdoch, and Auctioneer Andy McGeoch with the Top Priced Merino Ram sold for $11,000

Pictured here: Brad Wilson, Alistair Wilson, George Falkiner, Eleanor Falkiner, Andy McLeod, Andy Maclean, Dougie Wilson and Scott Thrift with top-selling Poll Lot 1 Ram purchased by Alistair and Dougie Wilson for $6000.

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