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Show Results

Success for Haddon Rig at the 2016 Dubbo National Merino Show

Haddon Rig had a great year at the 2016 Dubbo National Show with much interest in both our Merino and Poll classes. On that day, Haddon Rig took home:
  • Grand Champion Strong Wool Merino Ram 5-95 (2-Tooth class) HR5-95 x HR-136

  • Reserve Grand Champion (Body weight 120 kg)

Results for Haddon Rig at the 2015 Bendigo Australian Sheep and Wool Show

HR is proud to announce a great result on Day 1 of Australian National Sheep and Wool Show confirming our place in the top medium wool Merino Studs in Australia - Pictured is HR 4-45 being awarded 3rd in the medium wool lambs teeth all purpose class today. At 100kg with 41 eye muscle score, this 12 month old ram competed against 22 rams in his class from studs all over Australia

Haddon Rig blitz the 2015 Warren Show

The HR team at the Warren Show - Shannon Mitchell, Andy McLeod and Dave Henderson and 2 Blue ribbons for our short wool rams to kick off the beginning of the show season

Show success at Bendigo's Australian Sheep and Wool Show

Haddon Rig took its show team to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo, Victoria, on July 20 to 22, and Andy was rapt with how the team performed. It was the second time Haddon Rig had shown sheep at Bendigo and proved a great opportunity for Andy to catch up with Haddon Rig's southern clients. He received plenty of great feedback about this year's Dubbo sale rams, specifically about the quality of their wool. In the showring, Haddon Rig placed:

* 2nd in the lambs teeth dual purpose fine-medium wool class, with a 95kg July-drop horned Merino measured 37 for eye muscle diameter (EMD)

* 4th in the lambs teeth medium wool Poll Merino class with a 101kg Haddon Rig Poll

Andy said he was pleased with the Haddon Rig team's performance considering the rams were younger than a lot of the other studs' entrants. There was a big crowd at the show and plenty of opportunity to show people a sample of Haddon Rig's 2012 sale team.