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Semen Sires

Haddon Rig Merino and Poll Stud Sires

Please click on the following pictures to download information for each selected Semen Sire. 

HR Merino Sire 5-29

HR Merino Sire 5-95

Poll Stud Sire: HRP 5-154

Sire: Collinsville Premier 102 
Micron: 21.5 
SD: 3.3 
CV: 15.3 
CF: 99.1 
Body Weight: 116 kg

Stud Master's Comment: "HRP 5-154 is a son of Collinsville Premier 102; he has a very well covered head with a soft white muzzle. He stands squarely with a long body and the right amount of finish for a Poll ram. Carrying dense, soft, white medium wool with a good nourishment."

Semen available $40/dose

2015 AI Merino Stud Sire 4-439

Sire: HR120715 
FD: 19.1 
SD: 2.6 
CV: 14.4 
CF: 99.7 
BFW: 112 
GFW(%): 137.6

Semen available $40/dose

2014 AI Poll Sire: HR Poll 3-7

Stud Sire: HR Poll 3-7 
Sire: Wallaloo Park 3 (Real Deal) 
Dam: HR Special Poll AI Ewe 
Micron: 21.8 
SD: 3.2 
CV: 14.7 
CF: 99.3 
Body Weight: 113 kg

Stud Master's Comment: "An outstanding young sire with a deep jaw and soft pure muzzle on a heavy square well finished long body. Carrying a bold long medium wool with good density and lock. Retained to add wool cut and lock to the HR Poll Stud." 

Semen available $40/dose

2013 Stud Sire: HR 2-715

Sire: White River 99778 + Charinga Pearler 13 
Micron: 19.6 
SD: 3.1 
CV: 15.8 
CF: 99.7 
Body Weight: 105 kg

Stud Master's Comment: "This outstanding young sire is AI bred out of a top special stud ewe. He has a long, soft, white muzzle with a well-covered head, and impressive horn setting. His length of body development and general sire's outlook are some of the main reasons we retained him as a top young sire. Carrying a pure white, lustrous, long-stapled, well-defined, true medium wool, with the correct amount of nourishment."

Semen available $40/dose