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POLL SIRE 160253

Sire: HR Poll Stud Sire
Dam: HR Poll Special ewe
Stud Master’s Comment: “HR P-253 is a very long bodied, square, well balanced sire with a very soft, white, pure head and muzzle. He carries a white, long, stapled, bold, bright medium wool – a very well finished ram with a real sire’s presence.’

Semen available, minimum 50 doses, $40+GST per dose
International pricing available upon request


Purchased from Poll Boonoke in 2016 for $44,000. This ram has been instrumental in the development of the Haddon Rig Poll Stud.

Stud Master's Comment: PB 150338 possesses an impeccable wool and skin type, quality rarely seen on either a Poll or Merino ram.
PB 150338 will be instrumental in guiding the Haddon Rig Poll Merino Stud towards the quality, heavy cutting, soft medium wools on which we have based our reputation over the last 134

Progeny from a ram like this will deliver strong lambs on the ground, productive, true-to-type and heavy-cutting. 


Sire: Collinsville Premier 102
Dam: HR Special Stud Poll ewe
Stud Master’s Comment: “HRP 5-154 is a son of Collinsville Premier 102; he has a very well covered head with a soft white muzzle. He stands squarely with a long body and the right amount of finish for a Poll ram. Carrying dense, soft, white medium wool with a good nourishment.”

Semen available, minimum 50 doses, $40+GST per dose
Andy Maclean 0429 662 226
International pricing available upon request


Stud Sire: HR Poll 130007
Sire: Wallaloo Park 3 (Real Deal) 
Dam: HR Special Poll AI Ewe
Micron: 21.8    SD: 3.2    CV: 14.7    CF: 99.3
Body Weight: 113 kg
Stud Master's Comment: "An outstanding young sire with a deep jaw and soft pure muzzle on a heavy square well finished long body. Carrying a bold long medium wool with good density and lock. Retained to add wool cut and lock to the HR Poll Stud." 

Semen available $40/dose



Haddon Rig Poll Stud was founded in 2008. It is predominantly based on Moorundie Park. We have also introduced semen from Poll Boonoke’s elite sires notably PB150338 in 2016 (purchased for $44,000). These genetics have ensured Haddon Rig Polls are very big, fertile, plain-bodied ewes with extremely lustrous and heavy-cutting wool and soft skins.

We have been gradually increasing our stud ewe numbers, and in December 2017, we joined over 1200 stud ewes. The top 700 of these ewes were AI’d to Moorundie Park Poll Boonoke and the best of the Haddon Rig Poll Stud sires.

Our aim is to maintain the Poll genetics of plain bodied, well-doing fertile ewes, while maintaining skin type and  the wool quality  that Haddon Rig wool is so well known for. We now have an even line of productive, large-framed stud poll ewes, with good Polled heads that are productive and easy to make money from.

All rams have been measured for Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) through MerinoSelect. We are also DNA testing all of our Poll Merino Sires so that we have precise lineage data and can make more informed breeding decisions for our clients.