Our November/December AI program saw us really boost the Poll Merino flock, joining the top 700 Poll ewes to the top Poll genetics from Moorundi Park, Poll Boonoke and Haddon Rig’s own Poll Merino Sires. We syndicate joined a further 400 Poll Merino ewes in the paddock.

We continue to maintain the integrity of our Merino Stud, heavily joining two of the best rams we have bred for some time: HR 5-95 and HR 5-29. We eagerly anticipate the progeny of these two sires and are available to discuss any semen requirements for your upcoming AI programs.

The 2016 Merino and Poll Merino lambs at marking really expressed their true genetic potential, taking advantage of the tremendous winter. At weaning time in September, ram lambs weighed up to 52 kgs and averaged just under 40 kgs in total. With these growth weights and early maturity, we’ve really been able to take advantage of the strong wether lamb market ($5.50/kg).

At our general shearing in December, mixed age ewes came off the board extremely well, averaging just under 8 kgs of wool/head and close to a 3 score condition. Despite tough seasonal conditions, we were extremely happy with the quality and quantity of the wool. Overall the wool handled extremely well, it was especially long, soft and bright and will test and sell for very good money in the current market.

Fleece wool sold from our AI ewes at the start of December in 2016 was exceptional: 20 microns, 99.4 CF, 74.7% yield, staple length 107mm with a price of 1139 cents/kg which meant over $2220/bale. At these prices, with our ewes cutting over 8kgs/head, each ewe averaged $72.60 return per head.

2016 has been an exceptional year for our Merino, Poll and our commercial sheep flock. We are excited to partner with our clients to achieve their breeding objectives, to help them take advantage of the strong sheep market, and the consistent returns sheep provide. Haddon Rig maintains its commitment to breeding durable, fertile, large-framed Merinos with exceptional wool that will help you make money.  


Haddon Rig had a great year at the 2016 Dubbo National Show with much interest in both our Merino and Poll classes. On that day, Haddon Rig took home:

  • Grand Champion Strong Wool Merino Ram 5-95 (2-Tooth class) HR5-95 x HR-136

  • Reserve Grand Champion (Body weight 120 kg)

HRR15095 Dubbo Show